Dan here.  Being basically anti-social loners who love the game Settlers of Catan, a couple of years ago we found a pretty good 2-player version and tweaked it a little.  We have played this a LOT, and it really works well!  I know the first paragraph is a little tricky... just read it very carefully, it really does make sense.  Let us know if this works for you, and share it with your friends!

The Settlers of Catan for Two Players

Rules from the official “Game Rules & Almanac” are followed, with the following changes:

Setting Up The Game

Each player starts off with two colors.  Both colors are treated as if they were the same, except that you must choose one color to begin with.  You must place every piece of your starting color before you may begin using your second color (except when using the Road Building card).  Once all the pieces of one color have been used for the first time, then color no longer matters (i.e. if you replace a settlement of you first color with a city of your second color, you do NOT have to use the settlement with the first color next.)  Note that if a player is unable to place the last settlement of her fist color because of lack of roads in that color, she cannot use her second color, unless she gets the Road Building card.  Be sure to keep this in mind as you plan your empire!

Place three settlements with roads in initial placements phase.

Player "A" (that rolled highest) goes first, placing 1.

Then "B" places 2.

Then "A" places 2.

Then B places last.

Each player receives starting resource cards for their last two settlements.

Turn overview

Player "A" rolls first.

Each player rolls TWICE on his turn for resources.


No domestic trading.  Maritime trading only.


The robber cannot emerge until after each player has had two turns. If a 7 is rolled, disregard and roll over. The knight card may not be played yet.

If a 7 is rolled after turn 2, the Robber is played as normal, with 1 exception:

If a 7 is rolled on both of a player's rolls, on the second 7, cards are not forfeited, and  the player has 2 options:

1)      She can elect to not move the robber.  She proceeds with the rest of her turn, OR

2)      If she moves the robber, she takes any two free resources from the bank as opposed to taking a second resource from the other player.

You must have more than 9 cards (e.g., 10 or more) in order for the robber to steal from you.

Road Building Card

When the Road Building card is played, that player may use roads of either color for each length of road.

Ending The Game

There is no set point value needed to win.  The game ends in one of five ways:

1)       As soon as the last development card is drawn.  If it is a tie score, the game continues until one of the other conditions are met.

2)       As soon as a player is unable to place any more pieces.  Note that this doesn't apply if he has been unable to play his second color due to lack of available roads.

3)       If, during your turn, you see that you have 7 more points than your opponent, you may declare victory.  If your opponent has development cards that have not been played, they must be assumed to be victory points, unless it would not be possible, due to the fact that there are only 5 Victory Point Cards in the game.  For instance, if you have 3 victory points, and your opponent has 4 cards, you must assume that only 2 of them are victory points.

4)       You may declare victory if it is impossible for your opponent to at least tie your score, even if they were to get every possible Victory Point Card, build every possible settlement and city, and obtain the Largest Army / Longest Road cards if possible.

5)       If both players agree that victory is not reasonable for one of the players.  Be careful – we have seen some pretty amazing comebacks!

Note that the player whose turn it is may finish his turn before the game ends.

Short Variation: 20 Victory Points are required to win.

Daniel & Rebbecca Rodgers - 12/25/12
Based on http://www.mayfairgames.com/gamesupport/rules/0483-opt1.htm

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I love that game
... because I rock at it and you loose!!!!!!! *evil laugh* wahahhahha bwahahhahahhaha


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