"Daddy, fly me in the sky on my bicycle!"

And so he does. 

She plants her 28 pounds on her bicycle seat and he lifts her up high in the sky and she pretends she's in an airplane, flying through the air on a cloudy day.

Have you ever had one of those moments where you really felt the tears coming to the surface, but you didn't want anyone to see it because it was over something so simple? That happened to me just now. 

Emma loves her daddy more than I think she loves anything else in the world. And he can do anything from opening something sealed too tight, to taking her on the roof and drilling holes in it. He can do anything.

At least in Emma's mind.

I think about how that is going to change when she gets older and realizes that just isn't true. Right now he tells her stories of dragons and talking dogs. He takes her across the city to show a home to a client and then explains to her what a competitive market analysis is. They dance ridiculously in the living room while her little brother watches and grunts and points at them. 

I think he believes in daddy, too.

It's amazing how a grown man can manage to pull himself from a world of serious decisions and financial responsibility, and visit a child's land of imagination and giggles. I love him a little more each time I see that bicycle flying through the air, with a little girl sitting atop, grinning and laughing and telling her daddy to "fly me again!"

I don't think it's just in Emma's mind. I find myself coming to my husband for little things, big things, weird things, silly things. And I really think I expect him to fix things. And when he is the problem, I feel lost because I can't possibly go to him for advice on how to fix my husband. And yet I find myself doing it anyway.

And he just laughs at me.

So here we are, in the living room. I'll watch them as they fly through the air, and I'll hold back the tears. The house will fill with laughter, and Rowen will waddle across the room to follow them as he grins and reaches for his daddy to fly him, too. 
And I'll be grateful for this moment.

And for my husband.

And for the the love he feels for his children.