Sometimes I wonder what it would be like in a world without fear.
I'd put my kids to bed each night, and not wonder if she'll be waking up at midnight with a high fever and crying. I'd get more than 5 hours of sleep. I'd be more likely to give my children more one-on-one time instead of rushing around to make sure my kitchen was clean in case someone stops by unannounced. Who cares about that anyway?

I bet you I'd pet more animals and have less nightmares about nation-wide disease outbreaks if I weren't so afraid of germs.
In a world without fear, I'd just be me. I'd laugh more, live more, smile more, love more.
I'd eat meat. My husband would love me even more if I just took a bite of that dead rotting flesh, known as the hamburger. Or if I lived a little and took a swig of that Dr. Pepper in his hand. Yep, he'd definitely love me more.

But we don't live in a safe world.
Our world is filled with all kinds of fears, and I can almost guarantee I suffer from living with at least 80% of those fears.
But I can't change that very easily. People still see what they want, say what they want. They will still see a hyper mother who is over-reacting, or perhaps a woman who is over-protective, who hibernates for 5 months with her newborn baby because she's afraid he'll get sick.
But I'm me. And these are my fears. And we're in a world full of them.

But you know what's beautiful to me? The knowledge that someday, this world will be different. There won't be any fear or pain or tears, or late-night thermometers that read 103.6
. That's right.
I'll stop at their doorways to watch them sleep, knowing in the morning they'll wake up perfectly fine. Then I'll go to bed calm & assured.
There won't be any guilt when I pass a homeless man, or tears shed every time a news story talks of a child being abused.
No. There will be hope.
A world without fear. It seems so distant & foreign.
But for a girl who lives with constant fears, that sure sounds like heaven.