No, I want that mommy. It took me a moment, but I realized what she meant...

I had just scolded Emma for something. I can't remember why, but it was a heated discussion. You know, as heated as it can be between you and your two year old. Anyway, I remember being really angry at the time, and I was not giving in. And I let it show. I must've had a very frustrated look on my face, I was extremely cranky, and she must've picked up on my tone, because she just stared at me. Big, blue, sad eyes. And then she burst into tears and said something interesting. "I want my mommy!" she bellowed. I was very confused, so I looked at her and said "I am your mommy". She just kept crying and said, "I want my mommy!". I was still confused, & slightly jealous at this mommy for whom she cried. So, again, I said, "I'm right here, Emmie". I didn't understand! Then, after a moment, very tearfully, she got up and pointed to a picture on the wall. It was a picture of Emma and I, and I was smiling and holding her close. "I want that mommy".  Ahhhhh. Now I understood. 

It was heartbreaking, and yet eye opening for me. She has cranky moods, gets fussy, screams and cries and takes her anger out on us. And then she gets over it five minutes later, and all is perfect again. In Emma's world when mommy gets angry, cranky, cries, complains and raises her voice, it lasts more than five minutes, and she thinks it's because she messed up. So it gets taken out on this perfect little two year old. A two year old who does not hold grudges. A two year old who loves me no matter what. A two year old who has done nothing wrong but be a two year old. That must be rough. 

So, maybe next time I'm ready to bite her head off, I should stop and take a look at that picture. Really take a moment and see that picture through the eyes of my daughter. 
...And maybe even try to be more like that mommy. 

8/20/2012 03:39:22 pm

wow becky that was really really really sweet post and I am I really enjoyed reading it she is seriously the cutest little girl ever I love her and I miss her so much! Same with mr rowey

8/21/2012 03:01:19 am

Aw, Mirranda, we love you so much. Hope to see you soon, the kiddos love you so much! XOXOXO

8/21/2012 08:33:58 pm

What a tale...sniff...it brought tears to my eyes....what a sweet little(even tho shes terible 2 :) ) girl.And how wise you are,Beck...so proud of you!


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