It's going on one month straight with sickness going on in our house. Many cuss words have run through my mind lately, I shamefully admit. It's hard. One sick kid is bad enough, but a sick kid and a baby..... Now, I hope those of you who actually read this do not have struggling kids at home with high fevers, hospital visits every other day, etc.. Because my case would seem extremely small and insignificant. And believe me, it is small and insignificant. I'm just a big fat baby.

It's that flippin' cough. It's the suffering. I know, I know, when kids are sick, big deal, they struggle & then they're over it. But it's seeing them suffer that kills me....It's what I call the "in-between" time. You know the in-between time....they are slightly better, but definitely not healthy. Just sick enough for me to hover over the baby monitor at night. It's listening to him coughing and coughing, which eventually turns into a wheeze, which eventually turns into throwing up endlessly on the floor. And I'm sorry, but there isn't a flippin' thing they can do for a kids' cough?!! I mean come on. I'm supposed to let my child cough their way to a painful, missing voice and a vomit fest because Scientists find it unsafe. Oh, and the CDC. Oh, and the Doctor's who write the Doctor's Health Journal. Let's throw them in there, too.

That darn "in-between" time. Not sick enough to prescribe something for, but just sick enough to keep a germ fearing, stressed out mother close to tears. So, there you go. The reason I may sound cranky and unnerved lately. The reason my husband probably wants to curl into a ball in the corner and scream. My poor husband. He deserves a Nobel prize for putting up with me. Maybe I'll rub his feet & feed him chocolate while he plays his favorite video game. 
After I wash off the throw-up.

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