It's amazing what that word can do to someone. To me. To my poor husband. His dreams & hopes ripped to shreds by one simple word. No.

We had been waiting for the publishing house, known as Covenant Books, to tell us whether or not they were going to publish my book. Dan was so hopeful, especially since I had sat down with the Chief Editor months ago and she was extremely interested and optimistic. She urged me to submit it as soon as possible, and we did.

But just like a hopeful, thirsty desert flower stretching up toward a cloudy sky, it was in vain. No awesome word came, no good news followed by tears of joy. Just a polite, simple paragraph. And a resounding simple word. No.

I called Dan, hoping he wouldn't think I was joking when I told him my manuscript was rejected. He was sad. I was sad, too, but I knew this was coming. I just knew. Dan remained optimistic the whole time, since February, when we submitted it.  He had high hopes, which helped me have high hopes.

But I always had a bad feeling. I just didn't have the heart to tell Dan.

So, here we are. Dan is sitting at his desk at work, and I'm staring at a computer screen. I'm sure he's got his head in his hands, and I'm positive he's going over the bad news, wondering what to do next. Poor Dan. I think he's more bummed than I am. And I'm sure in twenty minutes I'll forget all about the bad news, as I change diapers & try to make it through lunch without two toddlers  killing each other over who gets the Sponge-Bob chair and better sippy cup.

Someday it will happen for us, I know it. Until then, I'll greet my sweet husband at the door when he gets home, wrap my arms around him and tell him not to be too sad. After all, this is what life is all about. This is what the Lord intended us to do. Live, have heartache, learn from it, move on. Even fall down on our faces. 
And I guess this is my turn to fall.

I'm actually quite happy. And proud.

I'm proud I wrote a book. I'm proud I have a family. I'm proud of my beautiful kids.

But mostly I'm proud of my awesome husband. 

Who loves me.

Who believes in me.

And who is sad for me, when it is my turn to fall ❤❤❤.

6/13/2013 02:01:39 pm

I love your family !!!!Becky even if you never get published We should keep your book for family to read for years to come !!! Generations!!!

7/10/2013 02:48:37 am

That's just one publisher, right? How many more are out there? Don't give up or feel down until you've tried them all. You have a gift for writing, and it can only do good to share it with others.


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