There I was, in Emma's room, comforting her by singing a lullaby song to her. Brahm's Lullaby, to be exact, which is her favorite song of all time. It had been a long two days...Emma with a fever, sick & not sleeping well, and mommy & daddy exhausted. So once again, I was trying to get Emma to sleep, while Dan was in the next room because Rowen, who was in pain from getting more teeth, was refusing to sleep as well. Imagine that. So, as I sang her the lullaby, I was thinking of several things. How it'd be another night of exhaustion, possibly more fevers, another night of Rowen in pain from more teeth coming in. And generally just feeling sorry for myself. And then, I heard it. I stopped singing and listened, as the sound of Dan humming Rowen to sleep caught my ears. The house was quiet, his voice was faint, and for some reason, in that moment, it was one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard. Here I was, feeling selfish and sorry for myself, and for Dan as well. And there was my sweet husband in the next room, holding my son in his arms, lulling him to sleep. And in that moment everything was perfect. If I can just remember that when things are hard. If I can just remember the sound of Dan singing to him, comforting him, loving him. I think I'd come to find that things are okay. And maybe, just maybe, things are a little closer to perfection than they seem.

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