It all started with a question. One simple question: How do I get Emma to sleep?  Many a mommy's gave their suggestions and opinions. However, one mommy told me something I will never forget. Something that stood apart from the others. Give her your shirt, she said. Now, Emma was a wee baby when this first happened, so I started with just putting it beside her, so she could smell me. Instantly, it worked. I thought I was the smartest mother alive now that my daughter was sleeping perfectly, while other women complained. I even suggested it to some, but none of them seemed interested. I can understand why, now. So there I was, basking in the glorious sounds of silence. No crying baby. No whimpering in the middle of the night. No temper tantrums. But after awhile, as she grew bigger, her "blankie comfort" started to turn into an obsession. She needed it not only to sleep, but anytime someone looked at her wrong & she felt insecure, when someone she didn't know knocked on the door, when she wanted to watch a movie. 

Sounds pretty normal, right? Well, eventually that shirt of mine wasn't enough. One day I left my beautiful silk robe where she could see it. It was all over once she touched that thing. "My robe!" she cried. "Soft!" I gave in and let her keep it as a new blanket, excited I could get my shirt back, which was strangely in mint condition (See? She loved it so much she took really good care of it!) The robe was now her favorite thing in life. But then things changed. I started noticing things. My shirts would come up missing. Dan would do laundry, and I'd search for hours for a specific shirt I KNEW was clean, and never find it. Then, my dresses started coming up missing. At some point, I thought I was seriously going crazy. So, I took action. I went into her room, and there it was. THE STASH.  My robe had turned into not one or two blankies, but she had NINE articles of my clothing. Dresses, shirts, robes.....I even posted the picture above to prove it. She only has four there. It must've been an off day for her.

I thought I'd begin weening her off my clothes. Cause you know, she can't carry them around forever. And I'm running out. So, yesterday I took about 6 of her "blankies" and put them in the hamper so I could wash them and restore them to their rightful place (my closet). I felt so proud to have outwitted her. She had NO idea I had taken them!! But about 2 hours later, she came to the table for dinner. As she ate, I noticed her left arm clinging onto something. Yep. That's right. She somehow made it to our bedroom, passed the baby proof door knob, & managed to go through our laundry hamper, and pull out the clothes. So, what did I do? Oh yeah baby, I'm smart. I took them and put them right back into the hamper, behind the baby proof door knob, behind the baby proof baby gate, and without her noticing. And guess what she was holding an hour later? Yep  :/

I don't know if she'll remember this fetish/obsession later on down the road. I don't know if I'm enabling her to depend too heavily on something. But I do know that she loves her mommy and daddy. And she loves everything about us. She doesn't see our insecurities, our mistakes, our flaws. If she wants to fall asleep smelling daddy on the shirt she's clinging to, or like the way my robe feels next to her, I'm going to let her. Because it won't last forever. And because someday, I'm sure I'll be clinging to her old shirt, and wishing I could smell her on it.  

auntie shelly
8/8/2012 02:30:25 pm

i try to remember that everytime Jake climbs into bed with us at 2:00 in the morning and kicks us in our faces...it won't last forever. :( And someday I'll wish he was laying next to us again, brushing my hair or gently covering me with a blanket when he thinks I'm asleep. Enjoy them now. :)

8/8/2012 02:34:09 pm

That is so sweet, Shell. I thought about you a bit when I wrote this, because of how you talked about the boys and how every night you look at the mess of toys they leave out. And it gives you a good, warm, sweet feeling inside. I loved that! Thx so much! :)

Mirranda Faith
8/14/2012 12:24:33 am

I soooooo love this!!!!!! its sooo cute!!!!!! SHe is so adorable!!! awww i cant wait to come visit when everyone is happy and feeling good!

8/14/2012 02:06:50 am

I can't wait to see you too! And thx for commenting on the blog;) Love you so much!!! P.s. The kids miss you too.

10/24/2012 02:13:44 am

This one gave me warm fuzzies. :) It doesn't last forever, so cherish each little bit. This is something I have to remind myself quite often. Especially with Drake.

10/24/2012 02:29:47 am

Echo, I'm sure you could give me all sorts of good parental advice. You have that awesome motherly thing going for you...actually, you've always been that way. Caring and sweet and kind to every living creature. I bet little Drake just loves you so much. And you're right, we must cherish these moments!


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