So, every night, probably to the dismay of every strict parent out there, I have been giving in to Emma when she asks me to lay next to her while she tries to fall asleep. I NEVER used to be that way- you know, the parent that lets her babies sleep in her bed until they're 5 years old (not that it is bad to do that, just was never my style). Anyway, I thought I was strong. But, I gave in once, and boy, it's messy now. Anyway, I'm learning a lot about my 2 year old daughter by doing this every night. It's kinda creepy. I mean, she's kinda creepy. But in a cute, kid sort of way. Let me explain. 

Last night, I laid next to her, and she thought I'd fallen asleep. I didn't. I wanted to see what she would do, since I left the baby gate down which usually keeps her out of the rest of the house for safety reasons. So there I was, asleep (riiiight...), and she laid there, too. Staring at me. At first I thought she was going to go to bed, because she rolled over and sat quiet for a moment. But no. Not at all. She quietly rolls over and faces me. Then, she reaches over and softly kisses my nose. Twice. Ah, so stinking sweet, I thought. Then, she gets really close.......and she licks my flippin nose. That's right. And laughs. Not cute! Then, when she's done laughing, she sits up and starts to tickle me. Now, mind you, she still thinks I'm asleep. And I know her well enuff to know what she's thinking. She's wondering how many things she can do to me while I sleep that I normaly don't let her do. For instance, we do not let her kiss us on the mouth. That's a bit weird for us. But thank goodness, she didn't do that. Instead, she went on an exciting search for my belly button, played weird animal games on my face, and yes, whispered strange sentences like, "I'm getting you mommy..."while laughing evily to herself. She even put her ear up to my nose so she could hear me breathing so it would tickle her ears. That was her favorite. I'm talking insane laughter from this girl. She also found "ouchies" on me (they did not exist, btw), and kissed them for me. When I almost couldn't stand not laughing (and freaking out, honestly), she covered me with blankets and whispered "You're so cold, mommy. I'll go get you more blankets".

Now, there were a few other weird things she did, but these were the main ones. I always knew she was silly. But let me tell you, this girl has an imagination we cannot imagine. It's crazy. And I know some of you are thinking, 'big deal, she thought you were sleeping...big deal, she was kinda funny.......'. But you have to understand, when our children think we are not listening or paying attention, THAT is when we see them, in all their little glory.

I saw her last night. This little girl. In her 2 year old world. Laying next to mommy. She could've jumped up and turned on the tv, snuck outside, played with her toys in the play area. You know what she did? She chose to stay with me. While I was "sleeping", and being as boring as boring could be. And I appreciated that. It touched me. She was being a free little girl. A silly little girl. And I hope she stays that way. 
Auntie Shelly
8/7/2012 07:15:37 am

I love my niece and nephew so much!! They are wonderful.

8/7/2012 08:17:01 am

They love you, too!!!

Jessica Ziemann
8/12/2012 11:38:02 pm

She got the licking from you

Mirranda Faith
8/14/2012 12:22:11 am

Oh MY goodness this is soooooo cute!!!! i Miss her and rowie sooo freaking much!!

8/14/2012 02:07:46 am

LOL!! I know, she is stinkin cute :) Thx Randa! XOXOXO


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